Virgo and Libra
Otome-za to tenbin-za
Go! Gamers Pretty Cure
GenderFemale (both)
Hair ColorBlonde (Virgo)

Dark Purple (Libra)

Eye ColorHot Pink (Virgo)

Red (Libra)

RelationshipsThey are twins
Home PlaceLavender
First AppearanceGGPC19
Japanese Voice ActorSawashiro Miyuki (Virgo)

Hayamizu Risa (Libra)

Brazilian Voice ActorFabíola Giardino (Virgo)

Márcia Morelli (Libra)

Virgo & Libra (おとめ座と天秤座 Otome-za to tenbin-za?) are the twin princess of the Star Land who now are Lavender commanders. They first attack are together, but then they attack are individual.


Like the other commanders, he can trap despair of the people into a dark dartridge and create Muchitsujo. Virgo has crystal powers while Libra has star powers. Virgo can create a crystal barrier to protect herself and Libra use a golden light bubble to protect herself.



Virgo is calm, polite and powerful women, she is controlled and has incredible knowledge about his powers. She serves Daikirai with total loyalty and would give her life to protect him, and this shows she is extremely loyal. As much as she has positive points, she also has negative points, such as her contempt for family relationships (even if she has a sister), sometimes offending people and not caring, showing that she is insensitive and does not care about feelings of others peoples.




Virgo has a long blonde hair, keep into a princess cut and with two pink ribbons around two strings that framing both the sides of her face. She also has hot pink eyes. She wears a hot pink top with a pink drape in the front and back that went down to her shins, featuring an accented black star at the base, she has a black sash around her waist and a neckline to her top, black leggings and hot pink boots.


Libra has long dark purple hair, without bangs (different from her sister) with two strings framed both sides of her face. She wears a wreath of red, purple and black flowers on her head. She also has red eyes. She wears a white dress with a dark purple drape in the front and back that went down to her shins, with a dark red sash around the waist with a bow with the same shade as the sash. Dark purple gloves and black boots with high heels.


  • Virgo has a design very similar to Opal from Steven Universe.
    • They both share the same voice actress. (In Portuguese language)
    • Libra has a personality similar to Lapiz Lazuli from Steven Universe and they both also share the same voice actress in both language.

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