Yume Kohura
Personal Info
BirthdayJanuary 15
Blood TypeO
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
FamilyYume Izumi(Mother, killed by Naedo)

Deceased Father

Home PlaceSodukai
First AppearanceSO☆PC01
Alter EgoAngel
Theme ColorPurple
Her catchphrase is "That won't work!"(それは動作しません!Sore wa dōsa shimasen!)

Her catchphrase is "That won't work!"(それは動作しません!Sore wa dōsa shimasen!)

Her alter ego is Cure Angel(キュアエンジェル!

Kyuaenjeru!) She is the pretty cure of death and rebirth.



Civilian Form

In her civilian form, Kohura wears underwear like shorts and a blueish shirt. She is sporty and wears this to her convenience. She had medium length hair and green high heels, as well as red nail polish.

Cure Angel

As cure angel, her hair grows to her hips and turns purple. She grows angel wings, the brooch she finds in Episode One pins to her shirt, which is then a sailor moon like purple suit. She also has earrings on, and her eyes turn purple.


Yume is a normally a happy girl, and loves Hinata deeply. As happy as she is, she bluntly calls joyous things "gay". As seen in Episode One, she loves food, is strong willed and sometimes obedient.

She also has a habit of cursing frequently, being the first to curse in almost every episode. She uses the words b and s, but weirdly refrains from dropping the F-bomb.


Yume is afraid of worms and death, although further weaknesses will be discovered as the story progresses


Kohura has a habit of continuously cutting off someone in a conversation, and this trait is shown in Episode One. She also is good in athletics, even though this is not confirmed.


Kohura likes sports and has high grades in her athletic class, she is never seen doing sports unless it is in class or for a performance. She normally sports themed clothes. Mainly to her convenience.

Cure Angel

Becoming Cure Angel:

"Flying like the wings of an angel, Cure Angel!"


Tenshi no hane no yō ni tobu, tenshi o naoshimasu!'

She becomes Cure Angel in the 2nd episode to rescue Hinata from the first Manoko.

Attacks and Items:

Angel Sapphire Burst(エンジェルサファイアバーストEnjerusafaiabāsuto) is her first attack, when she transforms into Cure angel in Episode Two, she uses it to defeat the Monako. It makes a stream of purple light and sapphires, which like Hinata's punctures her enemies, however, this one can cause physical damage to the enemy. It causes Shizuku to lightly bleed.

Halation Sapphire Echo(ハレーションサファイアエコーHarēshonsafaiaekō) is her second attack, used after her mother is killed by Naedo. It makes a ray of purple arrows that stab the enemy, namely Naedo.


  • Kohura is 15, which is uncommon, most lead cures are 14, and sometimes 13
  • Her theme color is purple, not pink
  • She is the first cure to cause physical damage to her enemy besides making them vanish.
  • In Japanese, Yume means "Dream"


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