Royalty Princess Precure
Personal Info
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceTwilight Kingdom
First AppearanceRPPC03
Pretty Cure Info

 Zotsu is one of the generals of the Twilight Kingdom. She is the first male general and the third one to attack the Cures. She is part of the Zotsu Trio, along with Kenki and Kyoufu.


First Attack

He first appears before Yumi and Tai locks away Kurumi's feeling and creates a singer Sakebot. Yumi and Tai transform into pretty cure but Rika are behind a tree and see they transforming. When Tai and Yumi almost lost Rika protect them and receive a Crystal Perfume by Frozen to transform. She becomes Cure Breeze for the first ever time and battles the Sakebot and defeats it with Ice Blizzard. Frustrated, Zotsu leaves.


He is unruffled and courageous when preparing to fight, so he has his own intention. He, like Mirage, wants to spread chaos and despair throughout the world, and he does so by defeating every Pretty Cure that he sees.


Like the other commanders, she can trap feeling of the people in the Despair box and create Sakebot.


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